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Value Vehicles/24-7 Cars is an enthusiastic participant in motorsports, including powerboat, drag, and speedway racing. We have promoted the sports to ensure that these community events carry on with funds and time spent. The team have taken out the time to display through Speedway e.g Ministocks / Stock cars the positives to young youths and family’s the benefits of knowing this Motorsport on society. Fund raising, displays and working bees are included in this. We have taken particular interest in mentoring and sponsoring the wider community with offering the ability to get involved in Speedway via Crewing, Watching and even driving our cars.

Our love for motor sports is huge in the now Value Vehicles race team , we have raced in Nelson speedway and The New Zealand Marathon Power Boating Commission (NZMBC). Drag race every year in the Motueka drags and displayed our cars and boats at every possible moment to promote the sports and our industry. Value Vehicles has sponsored 14 Drivers and provided 11 Cars in Speedway over some 12 Years. Baiden has Raced 5 years at Nelson speedway as a driver, 4 years in mini-stocks,  2 years in Stock-cars achieving a number of titles. Co-Pilot/navigator in Blindspott 21N with his dad John raced in lake and offshore events, achieving 3rd South Island series 2016 and 2nd in South Island series 2017. On the odd occasion they also take the Holden VR Clubsport supercar for a skid on trackdays at Rupuna.

Ricky and Brent are the technical and mechanical brains behind the race team and car yard, chancing their arm on the race track and drag strip, Rick in Street Stocks/ Stock cars and Brent in hot rods rebuilds and Drag Racing.

To be able to compete in the above gives us a good understanding of motor vehicles in general and we thank you “ Our Customer “ for being a major part of this team.


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